Security update: MapContrib 1.11

The last MapContrib version has been released today and it contains a security update that changes the Statistics field behavior in the theme settings. By using that field, an ill-intentioned theme creator was able to introduce a malicious JavaScript code and exploit a security breach called XSS. From now on, every JavaScript codes introduced in… Continue reading Security update: MapContrib 1.11

MapContrib 1.7

This month there are two main new features: the addition of custom tiles and their attribution, and an official Docker image! Tiles An instance administrator can now add some custom tiles to the default list. The BD Ortho IGN tiles have been added to the main MapContrib instance using that new feature (example theme). That… Continue reading MapContrib 1.7

MapContrib 1.6

MapContrib is back with its new monthly release! See what’s new in images Backgrounds By default now, the OSM, OSM Monochrome, Watercolor and Mapbox satellite backgrounds are activated. They offer 4 really different experiences to better match the users needs. Even if the theme creator did not specifically activate them. Nevertheless, a new button has… Continue reading MapContrib 1.6