MapContrib 1.7

This month there are two main new features: the addition of custom tiles and their attribution, and an official Docker image!


An instance administrator can now add some custom tiles to the default list. The BD Ortho IGN tiles have been added to the main MapContrib instance using that new feature (example theme).

That feature comes with another one: the possibility to specify an attribution. Here again, the BD Ortho IGN tiles use that feature and if they are currently displayed when a contribution is sent, their attribution are automatically added to the changeset comment.

The configuration details are available in the technical wiki’s dedicated page.

Official Docker image

MapContrib has now its own Docker image:

So it’s now easier to install your own instance on your server, maintain it or migrate it somewhere else 🙂

The installation details with that Docker image are available on the technical wiki’s dedicated page.

What’s next?

Last month I told you about the ongoing work to integrate Osmose into MapContrib. The work is still in progress and is done in parallel of the project migration from Backbone/Marionette to React. More details will come in the next few monthes and during the french SOTM in Avignon in june. Stay tuned 😉