MapContrib 1.6

MapContrib is back with its new monthly release!

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By default now, the OSM, OSM Monochrome, Watercolor and Mapbox satellite backgrounds are activated. They offer 4 really different experiences to better match the users needs. Even if the theme creator did not specifically activate them.

Nevertheless, a new button has been added to the bottom of the background selection column in order to let the users see and activate all the other backgrounds.


Previously, the tags used in the popup content were displayed in the contribution form as input fields. It is not the case anymore. The only displayed tags are now:

  1. The preset tags if the user has choosen one of them.
  2. The non-OSM tags.
  3. The OSM tags of the current element when editing it.

Furthermore, in the preset edition, the « read-only value » checkbox has a new behavior. It allows to force/overwrite the tag value of the edited element.

Back button in columns

Some columns have now a back button (<) on the top left corner. The column navigation is now easier.

Work in progress

Vincent Bergeot, Frédéric Rodrigo and I (Guillaume Amat) have met again to work on the Osmose integration in MapContrib. All the work will not be done in a day but the first step will allow the addition of Osmose layers (QA and OD) in your themes. Stay tuned, we will talk about that soon 🙂

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