A little history

MapContrip comes from human encounters, various projects and opportunities. This is an overwiew of it :

  • People :
    • Vincent Bergeot, is a digital mediator but is neither a developer nor a geomatician, he experiences connections between OpenStreetMap and different publics (children and young adults, communities, associations, universities…) but is « limited » to the existant tools,
    • Frédéric Rodrigo, developer specialized in mapping and administrator for OpenStreetMap-fr, tireless to explain and to expose the OpenStreetMap countless aspects, but more into « back-end » than interface user,
    • Guillaume Amat, passionate developer, FLOSS militant and web designer but neither geomatician nor OpenStreetMap contributor,
  • Human encounters
    • a few years of discussions between Frédéric and Vincent have been necessary so that Vincent can have a better understanding of how OpenStreetMap works and all the related tools.
    • between Vincent and Guillaume, about free softwares, music and beers,
    • between the 3 of them, they have very different point of views (technic, pedagogy, design, development…) and want to create free softwares and support contributions to OpenStreetMap,
  • projects we have interest about, that we tested, tried, used as exemples and changed !!!
    • Wheelmap for wheelchair accessibility
    • OSM Hydrant, for fire equipments
    • OpenBeerMap so it’s always possible to get a draft beer
    • Osmose-OD to help the connection with open datas and OpenStreetMap datas,
    • Umap because it makes easier and simple creating new maps, sharing them, including them on websites, duplicating and customizing them.
  • Opportunities :
    • In 2015, the calling upon « waste and digital datas » initiative of the Gironde department.
      • 3 winners like Rudomap, mapping project about equipments dealing with waste, including both with data development aspect and the awarening of various players (associations, management syndicates,…). MapContrib was just created (we didn’t know, and didn’t find the name at the time).
      • Contacts in the department interested by Free/Libre and Open Source Softwares.
    • in 2016, due to the MapContrib presentation (we had finally chosen the name!!) at the SotM-FR in Clermont-Ferrand, the « Libres Géographes » decide to take part of MapContrib developments in the context of a project created by the International Organization of « La Francophonie »,
    • exchanges with Tiriad to work on mediation and partnerships in order to develop MapContrib,

And more, coming soon !