MapContrib 1.0 is here!

As some of you have saw, Santa has put the 1.0 version of MapContrib under the christmas tree 🙂

It is time to take a tour of the new functionalities and see what’s next.

What’s new?

Better handling of tags and node types

It is now possible to create your own tags or overwrite the OSM tags. It can be usefull when you want to restrain a tag value format.

For example, the capacity tag is designed to receive an integer value. The theme creator can create his own capacity tag and assign to it a dropdown list of possible values. Eg: 1, 2 and 3.

That is just an example and you can imagine what you want anyway 😉

The created tags and the tags of the iD type of nodes are now auto-completed in the type of nodes configuration and the contribution.

Theme translation

Theme creators can now translate all the elements in english, french and italian. The coverage will be extended in the future.

So the titles, descriptions, tags, type of nodes, etc. can all be adapted to all the users, depending of their browser language.

OverPass cache archiving

That functionality allows, when the cache is activated on a OverPass layer, to offer a moderation of the OSM deleted POIs.

At each update of the layer cache, if MapContrib detects that POIs have been deleted, it put them aside and propose to keep or completely remove them, individually.

Heat map

Each layer can now be displayed with a heat map format.

HTTPS only

It is now possible to force the navigation by HTTPS on a MapContrib instance.

Larger columns

The columns are a bit larger, in order to offer a more confortable experience to all the users.

Leaflet 1.0 upgrade

MapContrib is not the only one to upgrade to the 1.0 version, it embeds now Leaflet 1.0 too!

What’s next?

After a little bit more of 18 month of development we are quite proud of our baby! Of course it remains a ton of work to do or to improve but the result is here and it is already used all around the world.

MapContrib is translated in English, French and Italian (thank you again Maurizio « napo » Napolitano). Though we plan to use a translation platform to make the contribution easier and to open the application to a maximum number of languages. The issue initially talked about Transifex because it was the only name I had heard but I recently have discovered Weblate and I am quite a fan of its openness side. Can’t wait!

A lot of work will be done in the next month to make the application more social. To be able to send messages to theme creators, to bookmark themes or duplicate them, or delete your own themes. It will be much simpler to keep your favorite themes near you and to handle your own ones.

It is also planned for quite a long time to connect MapContrib to Osmose. The ability to display some layers of data coming from that tool might be a great deal for contributors!

We need you

To translate, even before the translation platform is up.

To build the documentation, because we don’t have enough time to do it properly.

To develop, because it’s a lot faster when we are a group 😉

And to talk about it, share things and have ideas that we didn’t had. To build a community around that little tool which wants you goodness 🙂

Enjoy your mapping!

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